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Places to eat

Applebee’s Grill + Bar

Peaceful Sunday night The food was good. The classic comb is the way to go Chicken Fiesta lime, if u feel on the dangerous side overall, great time in good area

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Helms Bakery District

Bakery in Los Angeles

Places to eat

Marisco Jalisco

Amazing Mexican Food Truck!

Places to eat

Paper or Plastik Cafe

Cafe in Los Angeles

Places to eat

Walmart Neighborhood Market

This store has consistently provided me with pleasant experiences with its helpful and friendly employees. I usually visit during the week in the late afternoon after work, when it’s not too crowded, and I appreciate the store’s diverse selection of items. They offer self care products, pet food, a pharmacy, and a small deli. However, it’s important to note that this is primarily a grocery store and does not carry clothing or household products typically found at Walmart. Despite this, the checkout lines are usually short, and there’s even a self checkout option available.

Places to eat

Grand Fresh Market

This place is intended to be a specialty market for shabu-shabu/hotpot ingredients. It has pre sliced, frozen meats along with a lot of common and uncommon ingredients for hotpot. They have fresh, whole chickens for soup and soup bones. Their frozen section also have pre-made XLB dumplings. What I really like is that they bring in exotic items at a good price. I’ve bought matsutake mushrooms here at the best price I’ve ever seen them and in my last visit they had Japanese Pearl White strawberries. The produce is fresh and the selection seems to rotate. The staff is also friendly and willing to answer any questions (I had a bunch). Credit cards and app payments are accepted, as well as cash.

Places to eat