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Pick Up Stix Fresh Asian Flavors

It has been years since I went to Pick Up Stix. Several times I had a craving for Pick Up Stix but something got in the way. I got through with a little job. It was hard work but a nice paycheck. (well, for me) It also happened that I needed to stay in HB until evening because I have to pick up a laptop from a friend to DJ an event at Crunch Fitness tomorrow. (long story) My very first thought was: I have a little extra cash and have to stay in HB: I am going to Pick Up Stix! It is nice to report that it still tastes EXACTLY as it did years ago! My favorite meal here is now kind of a secret. I did not see it on the menu but when I asked, the very attentive staff member told me what it was called. She told me it was the House Chowmein or The House Rice. Depending on your poison, (mine is noodles) this dish includes shrimp, beef and chicken. I also ordered a medium Won Ton Soup abd a large drink. The prices haven’t, suprisingly, increased as much as they have at most fast food places. Granted, prices were a little more than most fast food, of course, even before Covid, but the quality of the food balanced out the higher price. I had expected prices to be even higher now but they weren’t. Another thing I have noticed is that both the portions and the quality of the food has suffered in most fast food places. The only difference I saw here in the portion was the side crunchy noodles. Not a big deal. Otherwise portions AND qualith were exactly as I remembered them. In addition, the unsweetened ice tea was excellent. (the best is at Panera but portions are small and prices high) Tea is a very big factor for me because I rarely drink sodas. This tea was perfect and refreshing. (not like the horrid tea I had at Burger King which, though a picture was shown of iced tea on the soda dispenser was actually made behind the counter and handed to me with NO ice! It also tasted awful, too bitter) Finally, the place was clean and, as a DJ I appreciated the music mix. It is rare that a place plays a song I do not not know, as well as some of the hits. The mix flowed despite the many genres represented. Good Pandora station or programming. All in all, I was extremely grateful for my delicious and relaxing reunion with Pick Up Stix!

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