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JJ Noodle House

One of the best hidden gems for Chinese/Taiwanese food in Chino Hills is JJ Noodle House. This has been one of our go-to spots in the Chino Hills area and it consistently hits the spot! Here’s what we typically order: – Beef stew noodle soup, $17.99 with home made noodle and $19.99 with hand cut noodle (rate 5/5): this is one of the best Taiwanese beef noodle soups we’ve found in this area. We’ve tried both types of noodle and both are great, we prefer the hand cut noodle a little bit more for the $2 extra. Order this! – Fish fillet w/ Szechuan sauce, $17.99 (rate 4.5/5): fried fish in Szechuan sauce, what’s not to love? Served with wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots, just fyi. – Eggplant w/ basil, $14.39 (rate 4.5/5): heaping pile of eggplant sauteed with basil leaves. Delicious. – Shrimp w/ pepper salt, $17.98 (rate 4.5/5): salt and pepper shrimp, lots of onions and chopped jalapenos. Delish! – Spicy cucumber, $9.99 (rate 4/5): great appetizer dish of fresh cucumbers in spicy sauce I’ve also tried the Szechuan pork dry noodle with hand cut noodle ($17.99) once and that was amazing as well. Can’t go wrong here! It’s in the 99 Ranch plaza close to the new Paris Baguette. Check out JJ Noodle House – it won’t disappoint!

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